Here’s a little something about my 3 favourite guys.

*photos by Bryn

What can I say?  I married the nicest guy you’ll ever meet, there is nothing he won’t do for anyone but don’t ask him because we keep him busy!  He is a great father and does everything he can to spend as much time as possible with the kids.  He is a Drama teacher, a musician and in his spare time he’s perfecting his skills with a deck of cards as an award winning magician.  He is currently the President of the Vancouver Magic Circle and the King of his castle. Bryn is also my unofficial photographer, for ease and convenience I usually take pics with my cellphone but in the future I hope that Bryn will lend his photography talents to my blog. Love him.

*photos by Bryn

Kaden is our oldest. He is a really great kid and very easy going. He is in French Immersion and loves school but hates doing his homework and he joined the primary choir this year. Some of his favourite activities include skateboarding, wall climbing, swimming, karate and playing his DS and hanging with his friends. Kaden’s favourite colour is orange and he has trouble understanding that you can’t make words up to try to rhyme with orange.

Favourite quotes from Kaden:

“If selling slurpees were a girl, I’d marry it!”
-Kaden, age 7

“I don’t like vegan food.”
-Kaden, age 8

*photos by Bryn

Brody, also known as our “Smallest”.  He is so different from his big brother.  He likes all kinds of sports like soccer, lacrosse, hockey, baseball and just running around being wild.   He is full of stories and they usually start out with “When I was a baby….”.  He’s very funny and imaginative.  Brody started French Immersion kindergarten this year and is loving it, his teacher calls him Mr. Popularity, which is so different from the Brody we see at home. His favourite subject is math. Don’t be surprised if Brody doesn’t respond to you when you talk to him, he’s either really shy or just plain rude!

Favourite quotes from Brody:

Brody: “That’s my job, eating stuff!”
Kaden: “Ya, he was fired from his other 2 jobs, smashing stuff and breaking stuff.”
Kaden -age 7
Brody -age 4.5

Long story short: When Brody’s 18, the job he plans to have to make money is “shooting himself out of a cannon”.
Brody -age 4.5



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