I live in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. I have 2 sons, Kaden and Brody and a wonderful, thoughtful, loving husband, Bryn. I started following a plant-based (vegan) diet September 2010 and love it. I was taken to my first yoga class in 1998 and have been practicing ever since. I finished my yoga teacher training in 2002 from Prana Yoga College and have been teaching since then, too. Before yoga, I was all about western herbal medicine. I studied herbal medicine at Douglas College in 1997. At that time I also worked in a natural health food store and was “head hunted” to work at a herbal apothecary both in Vancouver, BC.

My philosophy behind healthy living is prevention. When you go to your doctor and tell him that “it hurts when I move like this” then it makes perfect sense that he’s going to say “stop moving like that”.  If you stop doing the thing that is causing the problem then you remove the undesired results, seems clear to me. However, we seem to be an instant gratification society that is completely disconnected from how we feel or how our lifestyle choices are causing more health problems. There is no magic pill that will fix this. My love for yoga was immediate, from the first class I was hooked but I stick with it for the long term benefits hopefully to help carry me into old age with strength, wisdom, grace and to be able to sit down on the floor and the ability to get back up, unassisted. I know, my goals are small. I also chose to eliminate animal products from my diet as a way to stay healthy and prevent diseases associated with eating them. Herbal medicine is part of this long term plan because it treats the individual holistically rather than just the symptoms. The combination of living joyfully with gratitude and positivity, plant-based whole foods diet, herbal medicine and natural remedies along with yoga is the formula I’m using to cruise into the oldies.

Don’t be surprised if you find me in the forest or at Deer Lake with rubber gloves on foraging for stinging nettles, I’ve been known to spend the afternoon wildcrafting. I make a mean nettles pesto and will add fresh nettles to green smoothies and in the juicer. I have been cooking for as long as I can remember, when I was a kid I added seasonings to my alpha-getti to make it my own. I grew up in a restaurant that my parents owned and my Dad is an excellent chef, he taught me everything he knows which started when I was very young. I cooked at the stove standing on a chair making my own mac & cheese (KD), while most parents would tell their kid to get down before they burn themselves my Dad would explain how to cook perfect macaroni. Thanks, Dad. I also enjoy baking which I learned from my Mom. I fondly remember the days I’d come home from school and the kitchen table would be covered with cut open brown bags from the grocery store covered with dozens of chocolate chip cookies, still warm from the oven. Best cooling rack ever! I love learning about diet and nutrition and using that information to create in the kitchen whether it be a savoury meal or sinful dessert. My husband and step-mother in law have been very supportive of me and both give me vegan cookbooks at every opportunity, that’s love.  My next goal is to study holistic nutrition and hopefully tie all of my passions together.

Peace and love.


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