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boxing day rituals


I have 2 boys. They love Lego. For Christmas they get lots of it. Last year was all about Lego Star Wars, this year it’s Lego Ninjago. I still love Lego; it’s different from when I was young. The kits are more intricate and less free form, pros and cons with both. Eventually, it all becomes free form Lego.

I spent 2 hours helping Brody build his “ultra sonic raider”.


Later on, I finally got around to a pinterest project I’ve been wanting to do. I needed a DIY idea to store my necklaces so I turned to pinterest. I was able to use some hooks I already had leftover from another project, so this one cost me nothing and I got to use my drill!

Here’s my new necklace organizer!


Now, why didn’t I think of that!! So clever. Excellent use of pinterest and a drill.

Peace and love.


time to bake


Tonight when my mother called she announced that she is giving up baking. I laughed, the thought of my mom giving up baking is as preposterous as my dad never watching golf again! She told me she’d tried a new recipe and is worried it didn’t turn out. “If it doesn’t turn out, I’m never baking again.” I told her she couldn’t base all her baking experience on a recipe she’s never tried before. My mother taught me how to bake, at the time she called I had just finished icing cookies with the boys and was getting ready to pack them up. I love baking and I have fond memories of helping my mom bake goodies at Christmas and all throughout the year. I don’t know if she’ll quit baking for good or not, but if she does her legacy will carry on, in me and my boys.

Time to bake, I love the science of baking. How you like that meniscus?

Ready to bake….


Brody pouring on the icing đŸ™‚



“Yes, Stick Gingerbreadman?”

“I fear there are ninja among us?”


“Never fear Stick Gingerbreadman, it’s only Disco Ninjabreadman and his merry backup dancers!”


Happy Holidays!

Peace and Love.

snowy day


Sometimes it snows in Vancouver. When it does, it’s a hot mess! Or a cold one rather, the city can’t handle it, people don’t know how to drive in it, we don’t have any plows, nobody shovels their sidewalks, main roads and bridges get closed. It turns into a commuters’ and pedestrians’ nightmare. All that aside, if you catch the moment at the right time, usually right before it starts raining again, it’s beautiful. The city looks and feels beautiful.


happiest new year


I can’t remember the last New Year’s Eve that we actually went out? For the last 6 years, I’m pretty sure I spent the evening taking down the Christmas decorations. Which suites me fine. It’s not that we don’t have any invites, we have had them in the past and this year too but we don’t mind so much, New Year’s is not a holiday either of us really see any point in. This year I thought it might be fun to have a family New Year’s but that didn’t work out, onto plan B. Bryn picked up some Coronas for himself and got me Mango Cider. I’m hoping to last until midnight. Although I did follow through on one of my New Year’s traditions of packing away all the Christmas decorations. I loved having them out but definitely don’t like dragging out the Christmas season and I don’t mean that in a bah-humbug way.

As I was putting the kids to bed tonight I told them that when they wake up tomorrow it would be 2012, today was the very last day of 2011. They were amazed by this and Brody thought that meant he went to school tomorrow. With the talk of moving into the new year I told the boys that tomorrow we could think about our New Year’s resolutions. Kaden said “oh no, I hate resolutions, last year’s resolutions SUCKED”! haha I guess to an 8 year old giving up candy does suck! On a positive note they did a great job of sticking to the resolution and we were able to cut out a lot of candy and sweets from their diet. Maybe this year we’ll be a little more collaborative about what we choose?

What are your New Year’s resolutions for 2012?

In my world this is still the happiest way to spend new year’s eve.

Happy New Year with peace and love all throughout the year.

Mmmmango cider and cinnamon donut holes.

This afternoon I made Cinnamon Donut Holes from Vegan A Go-Go cookbook that Bryn got me for Christmas. It’s a little pocketbook style book that is perfect to tote along when you’re traveling. Looking forward to enjoying them with my mango cider!

Christmas 2011


This year we aimed to have a stress free holiday season. We were preemptive and tackled any possible stress inducing situations head on. I’d say we were pretty successful. On Christmas day, we visited  with Bryn’s mom in the afternoon then headed to his dad’s for dinner. Huge smiles from both kids and their grandparents.

Christmas Eve.

Kaden & Brody

Brody loves Lego Ninjago

I love Christmas!

We all had a great time and are so grateful to be spoiled by our family.

I hope your Holidays were filled with warmth and family to last throughout the year.

Peace and Love.