Best. Husband. Ever. Part 2


Hey, it’s my blog and I can swoon over my husband 2 days in a row if I want to!

Yesterday I mentioned he surprised me with an early birthday present. The surprise was that it was 5 weeks early! Now I will swoon over my present!

Fluevogs! Other than cupcakes and donuts, fluevogs are the best indulgence a girl could have! And, I spend most of my days barefoot, it’s nice to pretty my feet up with a pair of vogs!


Prepare Volunteer, size 7
Almost as awesome as the man that bought them. This is my 7th pair of vogs and they do not disappoint. They fit me true to size with thin socks, slipped right on. I wore them out the day he brought them home, put them on while I was getting ready, the clog-like soul is very comfortable. Barely feels like you’re wearing a heel. I have sensitive feet, I always get blisters and sore spots on the skin, rarely does this happen with fluevogs. The volunteers are no exception, the leather is so soft which molds and hugs your foot. Each pair is slightly unique, not only are they designed to have a unique slouch between the left and right boot but mine are different from the ones pictured on the website. The reason I received my present early is because they went on sale. Bryn said he got the last pair of 7’s at that store so if you’re wavering, resist no longer! The boots also come in grey felt and pinky red. Black was my first choice for the obvious reason, black is neutral and I’m hoping they’ll become an instant classic and my go to black boots.

Link to Fluevogs Prepare Volunteer

Love, love, love these boots!

I am so grateful and
Love my man more.


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