yep, I am now that chick


5 packs of socks

It’s true. I am now that stranger in the check out line that ruins your day. You are not going to believe this and for why? I was at the grocery store and had all the time in the world, well, at least until my kids get out of school. I shop at Superstore once a week and every so often I look through the boys clothing section to see if there’s anything worth while, lately I find that the Joe line has gone up in price but the quality is still lacking so I usually pass. However my kids need new socks and yesterday I found the mother load of discounted socks. I found 5 packs of socks, score! Four of the packs were 50% off and the last pack was also 50% off but marked incorrectly so they should be 75% off. (This is what caused the hold up at the check out.) When I picked up the socks at the beginning of my journey I thought to myself, I’ll buy these IF I get them for 75% off. So I loaded up my cart with all the things on the list and got in line. When it was my turn I handed the socks to the cashier and explained my discovery. She put them through and the socks rang in at 50% off. I again explained the incorrectly labeled discount. She called 2 separate people and 2 different managers had to physically come to her check out line to approve the pricing, 1 to approve it and the other to override the register. The poor cashier had to explain the situation e-v-e-r-y single time. It took about 15 extra minutes, the young Mom behind me and I joked about how many customers had come and gone while I did this, she was super nice about it, too. Usually I (and I assume you too) give in or give up by paying the higher price or just not taking the item altogether. How much did I save?  -$1.50!!


The socks were originally $6 discounted 50%. On the top of the discount tag it reads: Discount off last price 50%. On this particle package of socks some employee put another price tag on that read: was: $6/now: $3. So put it all together the socks should be $1.50, score! Technically I suppose I saved $4.50 as the socks were originally $6.

I apologize to all those customers that I ruined their day and gave them fuel for their fire to be so angry and bitter at strangers at the grocery store. This is the first time I have ever done something like this, as I said previously, I usually pass when it becomes too much work or I’m burdening too many people in line behind me. Their unknown needs are usually more important then mine. I have to say it was worth it, it was worth the $1.50 savings to be selfish and monopolized my cashier, it was a positive experience. I was positive and friendly to the cashier and she wanted me to get the discount, she could clearly see that I was right and when all was said and done she said she would’ve done the same thing as a customer. And my kid got 3 extra pairs of thick, warm, fun, new socks with the sticky circles on the bottom that he loves so much. It’s the little things, folks.

The $1.50 socks


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