“12 days of Christmas” part 2


As you may have read from my previous post that my wonderful husband is treating me to 12 days worth of gifts from the heart. They are all simple and thoughtful little gifts that have little or no monetary value. So far he has put a lot of thought into the gifts and some of them have included the kids so they have become very meaningful to me and far more valuable then anything he could buy. But seriously, Bryn, don’t go to the trouble of returning anything if you did buy something. lol

Here is a re-cap of the first 4 days.

Day 5 -Family holiday pictures, we rarely get pics with all 4 of us. We had a lot of fun with this.

Day 6 -Poetry. Bryn wrote a little poem and gave me a long stem rose. Sigh.

Day 7 -Foot massage!! He even used exfoliating scrub. That’s love.

Day 8 -For several days Bryn’s been telling that I’m going love day 8. And it’s true, I love day 8! He’s arranged a “date night” for us, dinner and movie and he’s even arranged childcare for the boys. Love my man.

Only 4 more days left….


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