We all have our own ideas of what flexibility means. Here’s a definition from The Free Dictionary

flex·i·ble  (flks-bl)



   a. Capable of being bent or flexed; pliable.
   b. Capable of being bent repeatedly without injury or damage.
2. Susceptible to influence or persuasion; tractable.
3. Responsive to change; adaptable: a flexible schedule.

The common misconception for people who are new to yoga is that you need to be flexible to do yoga. Which isn’t quite true, you do need to be flexible but not in the way that you think. Most people who are new to yoga feel intimidated or self-conscious about their flexibility or lack thereof. In these situations it’s the physical flexibility I’m talking about, the ability to be bent or flexed repeatedly without injury or damage. The most important thing to understand is that flexibility begins in the mind, whether new to yoga or not, as long as you are adaptable and responsive to change then the rest will come. With an open mind and open heart anything is possible.

We are all beginners at some point in our lives and for most of us being uber-flexible doesn’t come naturally. I am not a physically flexible person and have to work really hard at my flexibility, balance is more of a strength for me. When it comes to practicing yoga we are all equal and there’s no need to compare yourself with those around you, you are exactly as you should be. In yoga there is no competition for who gets to their toes the fastest, so take your time, there’s no rush, don’t forget to breathe and the flexibility will come.

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