Bryn’s “12 days of Christmas”


My wonderful and thoughtful husband has given me an early Christmas present and it’s 12 days of gifts from the heart.

On day one, Dec 14th, after I put the kids to bed I came downstairs to find he had lit candles and the first gift was a dance. He had the iPod set to the song from our wedding which was Remy Shand’s Take a Message it was very romantic.

Day 2 was a massage!! Need I say more, the best!

Day 3 was take-out! Sushi, I know, seems like no biggie but with our different lifestyles it’s the only thing we can all agree on.

Day 4 was a variety of vegan baked goods from Karmivore, located in New Westminster, BC. He got one of everything, he’s the sweetest.


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